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Shahin Fayaz








Shahin Fayaz is tar and setar player, music educator, and co-director of Sarv Music Academy. He started his music studies with Behrooz Hemmati and Reza Vohdani at Tehran Conservatory of Music and Tehran Music University. As well, he continued his studies with masters of Iranian music including Hossein Alizadeh, Mas'oud Sha'ari, Abdolnaqi Afsharnia. He has recorded and performed with many ensembles such as Sarv Ensemble, Aftab, Bahar, and Shiraz Ensembles. Shahin teaches tar and setar and directs Sarv Setar Ensemble. He has taught music for nearly three decades in Iran and Canada and has an engaging, encouraging, and flexible teaching style to fit the needs of students of different musical backgrounds and ages. His music education style reflects his constant interaction with other innovative teachers and artists within Iran and abroad such as Hossein Alizadeh and  Fariborz Azizi.