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Kourosh Babaei


KOUROSH BABAEI is born in 1971 in Abadan, Iran. Hi is an Iranian-Canadian musician, Kamancheh player, composer and master of traditional Iranian classical music. Kourosh is a well-known musician and composer, both in Iran and abroad, for his techniques. Kourosh started his music training under the supervision of his uncle, who was the Violin teacher. At age twelve, he was able to play the most accessible songs. He studied traditional arrangements with Ostad Ardeshir Kamkar, choosing Kamancheh as his main instrument. He is also an intense Violin plyer for traditional Iranian music.

He has played with famous Iranian traditional musicians such as Faramarz Payvar, Parviz Meshkatian, Hooshang Zarif. Kourosh has a wide range of musical influences and cross-cultural borders with his work. In addition, he has collaborated with the most famous Iranian vocalists, Ostad Mohammad Reza
Shajarian and Shahram Nazeri.
Kourosh started collaborating with well-known international musicians once he decided to expand his music worldwide. He is one of the prominent Iranian musician pioneers who tried to bring new ideas and focus on the fusion style of music. In addition, he has composed music for individual artists' classical and traditional orchestras throughout his profession.
He believes that music has no geographical border and that different cultures can be fusion through music.
Kourosh has been a player and performer of more than 150 music albums. He also attended most Fusion-Contemporary festivals in Brazil, South Korea, France, Spain, China, India, Croatia, Chile, Turkey, Thailand, UAE, England, Germany, Italy, Netherland, Morocco, Mexico and his homeland,
Canada. Moreover, two of his latest collaborations in a different genre which was co-created with Bjorn Meyer and Christoph Rezaei, have attracted the attention of many other artists and art organizations who invited them to participate and perform in several international festivals.
Kourosh Babaei moved to Toronto in 2016 with his family to explore and expand his passion for music as a musician and composer. His success results from his determination, hard work and desire to share his talent with the rest of the world.