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Babak Naderi


Babak Naseri is Iranian-Canadian musician and pianist who started learning piano at age 6 in his native home country Iran. He later on co-operated with junior orchestra of National broadcasting of Iran and continued his musical educations under numerous masters. He later on continued his musical educations in UK and Canada and has been granted a post graduate masters degree from Music Faculty of Wilfred Laurie’s University. In his master’s program he has published numerous researches on ethnomusicology, music theory, music education, pedagogy and choir compositions. He is also an official certified teacher of Royal Conservatory of Music and has educated numerous students for piano and music theory. He has been involved in many performances including walk together children multicultural concert which had the blessing of mayor Tori and other officials. His composition got traction in the concert and was well received and the concert got featured on whole note magazine. He currently resid