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Amin Reihani


Amin is an Iranian traditional musician who started his journey in music when he was 10. He was amazed by the sound of a traditional instrument called: the “Santour” when he first heard it and since then he could not stop playing, exploring, and creating with it. He continued his professionalism by mastering his skills at the University of Tehran where he had the opportunity to work with some of the master musicians there including Majid Kiani, Hossein Alizadeh, Daryoush Talaiei, Reza Monazami,… and participating in a variety of performances at the university or other festivals.
He finished his bachelor of music in 2000 and right after started his new journey of teaching and composing by opening his music school; “Aref Music School”. He has 20 years of experience in teaching until he chose to immigrate to Canada and start a new era on his path. Here in Toronto, he had the opportunity to work with great musicians such as Naser Masoudi, Sepideh Raissadate, and Ali Rostamian. He played for 4 years with a newly founded band, Sarv Ensemble in different festivals; Tirgan, De Monde Arab, Botanical garden, and other private performances in different cities.

In 2018, Amin decided to take further steps and founded Navak Ensemble to perform and record his compositions as well as music from past masters. He invited the best musicians in town and they started a new experience together.

Amin is a dedicated and detailed teacher of Santour, Radif, and Iranian music ensembles.